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What you should know to help your child...

"Grades are all that matter."

Actually, there are many more aspects to college admissions apart from grades. While academics are the most important factor, they will not grant your child an acceptance to most elite universities in the US. Other aspects of their application to consider are activities, hobbies, demographics, essays, demonstrated interest and interviews. I'm here to help you navigate all of this unknown territory and turn the hazardous college process into something more streamline. 

Q: Why me?
A: 2 Simple Consulting is a educational consulting service dedicated to helping students get accepted into their dream schools. Our approach is unique in that our consultant is a recent graduate of the college admissions process, having achieved multiple acceptances into top 50 schools with acceptance rates ranging from 29% to under 7%.

Q: What makes 2 Simple Consulting different?
A: 2 Simple Consulting stands out from other educational consulting services because of our unique approach. Our consultant is a recent graduate of the college admissions process, and has seen firsthand what it takes to get accepted into top schools. We provide personalized guidance and mentorship throughout the entire college admissions process, and our services are tailored to the individual student's needs.

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