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Virtual Tutoring Services

Sessions will take place on either Zoom or Google Meets

To access these services, complete the general help form


Reading, writing, and both math sections of the SAT

With my affordable rates of $80/hr and package deals of 5 sessions for $350 and 10 sessions for $750, I will provide the best value for your money. Let me help you reach your educational goals and get your desired SAT score.

Elementary/Middle School Math

K-8 students

 I am offering competitive rates, with $18 per hour, and a discounted package of 5 sessions for $80 or 10 sessions for $170.

Algebra 1/2

1-on-1 tutoring services in Algebra 1 and 2 

Rate: $35/hour. We also offer packages of 5 sessions for $165 and 10 sessions for $340.

AP Calculus AB/BC

Calculus 1 & AP Calc AB/BC

Rate: $75/hour, bulk purchases: 5 hours for $360 and 10 hours for $735.

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