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A Quick Guide on College Admissions

Here are a few key aspects of your future college application that you should be aware of. 


They exist. Try hard to not memorize, but to understand what you learning. Ask questions and seek help when needed. 



Probably the most difficult and ambiguous features of college applications. These are sports, art, music, clubs, volunteering and other activities that you do outside of studying.



Here is your time to add personality to your application. Essays show admissions counselors two things. One is how well you can write, and the other is what kind of person you are. Essays enable colleges to tie your activities to a human part of your applications. This will allow them to decide if you are a good fit for their college. 



Some colleges (particularly ultra elite universities) offer interviews. Interviews are another way colleges try to humanize the process of selecting candidates. Alumni interviewers just want to put a face and voice to your application to see if what you are on paper matches up with your amazing feats. 

Thanks for submitting!

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