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Please note that all paid services are NON-REFUNDABLE & require the completion of the general help form.

2 Simple Consulting is a virtual company, so all sessions, parent conferences, and online through either Zoom or Google Meets. 

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Specific Services

Writing Help

  • 100 words (w) or less: $20 flat fee

  • 101-300w: $30 flat fee

  • 301-650w: $45 flat fee

  • 651w+: $45 + 15cents per additional word

    • ex. 750w essay = $45 + $0.15x (750-650)​ =$60

You can expect writing samples to be returned within 48-72 business hours after receiving payment. Fill out "General Help Form" immediately, upload your sample (with the school & prompt) and wait for either a phone call/text or an email. Form requests may take up to 24 business hours to process. 


The majority of elite colleges and universities in the US require/recommend an interview as part of their process. With this service, I will help you to build confidence in your public speaking, familiarize you with common questions, and show you how to complete the necessary background research needed to excel in your interviews.

  • 1 session of 60minutes is recommended for the first interview ($50)

  • Half sessions of 30minutes are recommended for each subsequent interview ($25 each)

    • this is the only service that offers half sessions​

  • be sure to specify which schools you are interviewing for in the General Help Form


One of the most important aspects of your application are your activities. I will help you to self-reflect, plan, optimize, and enhance the activities you participate in. I will suggest organizations, put you into contact certain opportunity coordinators, and more. 

  • Planning sessions are $120/h

  • 2 bulk session deal: $180 (25% off)

General services

This is a general consulting session where you can ask questions or seek help with anything you need. I will go over your current and future academic coursework/standardized testing. Additionally we will discuss ways to develop your overall application and fix any lapses that there may be. This session is recommended for students who have a list of questions/concerns prior to the meeting that they would like to have addressed. 

  • $175/h flat fee

  • 3 bulk session deal: $367.50 (30% off)

Thanks for submitting!

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